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Download ProDAD Mercalli V5 Suite for MAGIX 5.0.519.1 5.0.519.1

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proDAD Mercalli Suite for MAGIX​

It is well known as an industry standard. Therefore, professionals & enthusiasts consider it to be the probably most efficient and most versatile stabilization solution. The only obstacle, especially for those who like to work intuitively & fast as possible, has been the rather time-consuming process of analyzing the footage, which used to be necessary.

But this was only necessary up until now! With this program there is no longer a need for a thorough video analysis prior to stabilizing. If you wish to, you may creatively control the degree of stabilization, the amount of zoom and choose the character of stabilization to perfectly match the character of each individual scene.

For the very first time the footage is being stabilized live in real time right on your timeline. Since a high-quality video stabilization does not require any extra amount of time anymore, you may now apply the proven it's stabilization to all your projects.

Features of proDAD Mercalli Suite for MAGIX​

  • Real time live performance
  • No analysis needed prior to stabilizing
  • New stabilization profile “Fixed Cam” added to remove all movements achieving an ultra-stable look (especially suited for interviews, stage recordings and documentary shooting with long telephoto lenses)
  • Content aware fill: empty borders resulting during the stabilization process may optionally be filled by matching content of nearby picture frames
  • Correcting simple rolling shutter effects
  • Extensive detail options to control stabilization
  • “Diagnostics”: technical information is being displayed
  • Overlay display visualizing the stabilization to optimize settings
  • Overlay display to evaluate processing time vs. real time performance
  • Score display to evaluate real time capacity vs. degree of stabilization
  • Supports up to 256 cores for faster processing or computing higher resolution or framerates in real time

Technical Details and System Requirements​

  • Supported OS: Win7-Win10
  • Recommended Hardware: 8GB Main Memory; 1GB HDD; 8-Core CPU
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