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H264 / H265 / HVEC VideoJS for Webstalker


New Member
Mar 26, 2020

Looking for unique VideoJS Player for Webstalker Portal as replacement for the current.
The VideoJS should be able to work as the Standard Player for Webstalker with all features the original habe but which only can h264 Codec.
I tried for myself to build a capable Player with all Features needed and additional with h264 & h265 / HVEC compability but failed.

So i am looking here for someone with Developement Skills who already worked with PHP, HTML, VideoJS & http Streaming.

I have the following requirements for the developer (s) for the skills mentioned:
- Ability to communicate (Skype, Telegram, Discord, Email)
- Independent work of the developer (s)
- Code Documentation and communication of progress

I imagine the following procedure:
1. You carry out the analysis of the current Stalker web portal with R / O authorizations
2. Joint creation of a small project plan, you make an offer
3. Joint determination of the development period
4. Provision of the Webstalker platform on my part

Additional Agreement:
- I receive the sole rights of use and the possible transfer to third parties
- I receive the Source Code unencrypted
- Payment is made in steps that are defined in the project plan
- Payment is made by PayPal and / or Bitcoin
- There will be no prepayment in advance
- You provide Support over at least 60 Days after finishing the VideoJS

I am aware that such a procedure is new for one or the other. But I want to proceed in a structured manner and accordingly I am looking for someone who enjoys work and is interested in long-term cooperation.

DRM skills might be helpful for future Projects but this is not a must at this point.