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Resource UPDATE X-Streamity - Official Release. V 1.34 - 13/05/2020 v1.34

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iptv man

Feb 4, 2020
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X-Streamity - Official Release. V 1.34 - 13/05/2020

i take no credit for this all credit goes to KIDDAC thanks (y)

Plugin is for playing official Xtream Codes IPTV playlists.
So after a couple of months of development, and thanks to all the beta testers that have tested over 35 releases, we can now officially release my new IPTV player plugin.

Polite Notice:
Can people that are now putting this plugin in their image feeds please use the latest version.
I have been informed openeight has v1.14 - older versions have bugs that have now been fixed.
The repository is now on my github that is being kept up to date


This plugin does not contain any playlists or channels. All IPTV playlists need to be sourced by user.
IPTV is perfectly legal - IPTV providers/playlists that contain unscrambled encrpyted channels are illegal. User is responsible for any downloaded playlist content.
We do not discuss IPTV providers on this forum.
I don't recommend, promote or have an affiliation with any provider. Questions regarding IPTV providers will be ignored/deleted.
Do not post IPTV provider names, provider URLs, provider IP addresses, or screenshots that identify providers in this thread.
Check any posted crash logs do not contain any of your provider, username & password details.
It is recommend you use a VPN with any IPTV plugin. VPN use is not the topic of this thread.
X-Streamity should be compatible with all images and boxes.
Note this plugin will not play m3u playlists.
A few things that have been requested. Are these possible or being added. I don't know yet. Maybe. Maybe not.
Autoplay last channel upon plugin start. (skipping categories)

How to use X-Streamity
Install the .ipk or .deb file depending on your image.
By default the plugin appears in your plugins. Can be set to appear in main menu via the settings page.
Firstly press "Menu" button on the main screen and setup your main settings.
The main settings are global and effect all playlists.

Add Playlist
You can either enter your playlist details via the "Add" option on main screen.
Alternatively you can manually enter your playlist details via the playlists.txt file

Manual entry is in the format of

Edit playlist
Use this screen to amend your details and set your playlist stream types.
Especially important if you have manually entered your details via playlists.txt file.
EPG times will probably be offset when using this plugin. i.e might be 3 hours ahead.
Use the EPG timeshift option to adjust the times of your Live channels EPG.

Delete playlist
Delete playlist does not permantly delete your playlist.
This option puts a hash "#" on the line of your playlists in the playlists.txt file.
This comments out the playlist so it does not get shown in your list.
If you wish to permantly delete playlist. Remove the line manually from your playlists.txt file

User Info
This screen shows details information about your playlist account.
Including allowed stream types. Max users. Expiry date and your playlist URL for use in other applications.

The settings page are the global settings for all your playlists.
Individual provider settings can be found under the "Edit" option of the main screen

Category List
< - Page Up
> - Page Down
0 - Return to Top
Red - Exit or Previous Screen
Green - Next Screen or Play
Yellow - Sort. Each press of yellow buttons sorts the lists as per the button description
Blue - Search.

EPG/Guide/Text button - will toggle now / next epg information on live channels
EPG/Guide/Text button - Show IMDB for VOD Cateogores.
Record - Download Vod
Menu - Hide/Show Categories
Search - Only searches the current list on the left. It doesn't search sub folders.
If you wish to search all. Select the "All" category and search inside that category.
Selecting "All" might be slow to load.

Playing Streams
OK - Show infobar
TV/PVR/Fav button - cycle though stream types. i.e 1,4097, 5002 etc
Up / Channel up - Previous Stream
Down / Channel down - Next Stream
Video buttons will work for pausing, ff, rw etc. There may be a delay of a few seconds before this happens.
Long hold < or > to seek
Numeric keypad numbers will jump forward or backwards as per your movie player jump settings.
Yellow / Audio - If alternative Audio streams are available
Yellow / Sub - If alternative Subtitles are available
Subtitles button - Will open Subsupport DVB plugin if installed.

No picons/Vod Covers are showing
Picons and VOD covers references are brought in my your provider. If these are empty then that is a provider issue.

No EPG is showing.
EPG is brought in by your provider.
If your EPG is empty then that is a provider issue.

Can I use a 3rd party EPG
No. Unfortunately this plugin only works with provider EPG.
There is currently no way to bring in other EPGs.

EPG times are incorrect.
The majority of providers will probably have a different timezone than your local timezone.
To adjust your EPG timeshift go into main screen. Highlight your provider and click "Edit" (Yellow).
EPG timeshift is at the bottom of the list.

EPG Timeshift is correct - but some times are out.
This seems to be a provider data issue. Contact your provider explaining the times are wrong for their enigma2.php API.

Progress Bar is always 100% full
Check your EPG times are correct. If not change the EPG Timeshift settings in the edit playlist page.

XStreamity says my playlist is incompatible or no data.
This plugin is for xtream codes playlists only it will not play any other type of playlist.
Not all playlists will be 100% compatible.
Lots of main IPTV providers are UK football blocked and will therefore be off when the football is on.
Lots of IPTV providers are GEO locked to a specific country. Try using a VPN for the GEO location of provider.
IPTV providers do have down time when they are updating their streams. Try it again later.
Check your playlists plays in other apps like VLC player

My playlists plays in another plugin but not in XStreamity
This plugin uses a small quick and simple API to bring in simplified data.
Some other plugins use the more advanced larger and slower API.
The 2 APIs are totally different.
Unfortunately if your playlist is not compatible, then you cannot use Xstreamity

Video resolution incorrect in infobar
It has been reported that exteplayer (5002) is showing incorrect video resolutions.
I cannot fix that, but if your press TV/PVR button to change the stream type to 4097. The resolution shown will be correct

Screen is just black when playing streams.
Press TV/PVR/FAV button while the stream is playling to toggle through the different stream types.
You might need to also edit your playlist settings to be a different stream type for that provider. 4097 seems to play most things.
If all stream types have been tried and you still get a black screen, then it is probably just a dead stream.

MKV files are not playing.
Press TV/PVR button while the stream is playling to change stream type to 4097.

I am getting a PVR screen overlay when showing infobar.
Some skins have a seperate screen for the Play/Pause/FF state.
There is a setting on your box that you can turn on to remove this screen.
Normally lives under OSD settings.
Show PVR status in MoviePlayer Infobar. Set it to "YES"
Now fixed in later version. No settings need to be changed.

VOD info and covers are incorrect.
I have seen lots of examples of this. This is a provider fault as they have incorrectly referenced the wrong movie in The Movie Database (TMDB).
Just done a lazy computerised search by the look of it, rather than manually finding the reference.

Plugin will not install due to missing PIL/Imaging Library
This library is used to smoothly resize picons and VOD covers.
The majority of images will have this library in their feeds.
If it fails to automatically install then you can try to manually install the library.
Telnet into your box and try these commands.
Some older images and clone boxes will not have this library. If that is the case you will have to try and source and install this library from other means.


  1. opkg install python-image
  2. opkg install python-imaging
  3. opkg install python-argparse

XStreamity crashes.
Despite weeks of testing and bug fixes. Python is very unforgiving. Not all errors will have been caught yet.
Please report any crashes by uploading your latest crash log that lives here. /home/root/logs
Be careful to check that there is no provider, username, password details in your log before uploading.
Don't wait for someone else to report it. If nobody reports bugs, nothing gets fixed.

Can you show the VOD info as a grid of images.
No. This API only brings in data step by step.
Information is only available for the specific channel clicked on. It does not bring in all the data at once.

XStreamity is very slow.
The plugin has been tweaked constantly to make it as fast as possible. This plugin is not slow for the majority of providers.
If you playlist is slow to populate categories and channels, then this is a provider server response problem.
Use a better IPTV provider or use a provider that doesn't have 10000 global streams that you are never going to watch.
One superhero named provider is ridiculously slow.
Contact youyr provider and inform them that their enigma2.php API is very very slow. Some have already done this and got it fixed immediately.

Can I remove categories or have a favourites section.
Never say never, but at the moment there is no way to hide categories or store a favourites lists.
As everything in this plugin is live data, it would be complicated to store this information.
It might be possible though. Watch this space.

Adult channel blocking.
There is now an option in main settings to turn on parental control for any channel that is classed as Adult.
This is a simple check and works by checking the category name contains any of the following.

"all,", "+18", "adult", "18+", "18 rated", "xxx" ,"sex", "****", "pink", "blue"

If you want me to add any other references to this list. Just let me know
If parental control is turned on then a pin entry is required. Default pin on most boxes is 0000.
Change this pin in your images parental control settings.
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iptv man

Feb 4, 2020
Reaction score
And great share , brings life back to my duo2

yes mate the enigma 2 did die off a bit after the cs stuff. but there seams to more great plugins coming out all the time now. and you cant beat the look / epg on these boxs when setup right with the right image and skin ;) glad your happy and thanks for looking guys(y)
Last edited:


May 13, 2020
Reaction score
Once again, its not your work. At least make it clear its not yours and leave credit to the guy who actually did it IE kiddac

iptv man

Feb 4, 2020
Reaction score
Once again, its not your work. At least make it clear its not yours and leave credit to the guy who actually did it IE kiddac
great work KIDDAC. but once again please read above mate. as i never stated anywere on this or other posts that this is my work
and i always give credit were it due.
so if you are kiddac thank you for the great work we all appreciate it mate thanks (y) (y)
Last edited:
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