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Recent content by Zanzibar

  1. Z

    Question Need Help-Any web player is not working for my xc ui(22F)

    What is the risk of webplayers? Do I need to patch smarters? One thing of smarters I don't like is the fact I cannot use local IPs only internet IPs. This makes me think smarters looks at their client's hostnames. Am I correct?
  2. Z

    Question How do I get SSL stream working on a Mag Box

    What type of cert is good for MAGs? I have tried a 2048 bit cert on a MAG322 but when trying to open a https channel on https_port it says "File missing". HTTP is working fine.
  3. Z

    HowTo Midnightstreamer nulled

    Ok I checked hard enough and I decoded almost all the PHP files of both XC and midnightstreamer This is what I have found. XC uses only functions and static variables in the files inside the streaming folder. It uses classes and properites only in the admin folder. Midnightstreamer uses...
  4. Z

    HowTo Midnightstreamer nulled

    Already checked. PHP files are completely different. FFmpeg bin is different too. Definitely this is not xc v1.
  5. Z

    HowTo Midnightstreamer nulled

    They say they are not xc v1/v2/v3. They are midnightstreamer v4 šŸ¤”
  6. Z

    HowTo Midnightstreamer nulled

    I have installed it on 1000 machines bro šŸ˜€ and have never seen this message
  7. Z

    HowTo Midnightstreamer nulled

    Here are the steps to make the trial version of midnightstreamer panel never expire. Install the midnightstreamer trial version. Edit file: /etc/hosts and add the following line: cms.midnightstreamer.com (This is not a cms panel. I don't know why the panel makes home calls to...
  8. Z

    Which panel with encode?

    If you want to transcode you can do it with midnightstreamer panel or xaccel-codec. I have transcoded all my vods with a quadro p2000 in few days.
  9. Z

    Request Xtream UI cron files encrypted with ioncube

    Hello, I'd like to know if somebody knows how to decode the files inside the /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/crons folder of Xtream UI since they are the only files encrypted with ioncube. All the other files are just uglified with goto. It sounds fishy to me. I have tried a couple of...
  10. Z

    Hello everyone

    Can't wait to see links :p