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    Download IPTV Stream Player 1.5.7 hardcode

    Tryed several times and doesn't work for me ? Just hangs on logo screen
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    Download IPTV Stream Player 1.5.7 hardcode

    He don't have the source bud
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    My story on how I got worldofiptv.com

    You can't in android studio without the source code
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    Download porn vod xxx

    Is a dead link does not work
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    How to get banned

    Quickest way to get a ban
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    Request how to turn smarters server based from hardcoded version

    you need the g$a.smali and the login activity.smali from a hard coded version it must be from the same version in both the donor smali files you need to fix the package names to match your app iv done it this way to make hard coded smarters into server based so should also work the other way
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    Download Smarters Multidns Panel

    I've tested on v2.1.1 v2.1.2 should be fine with any version that is server based
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    Download Smarters Multidns Panel

    my bad seems i forgot to put the instructions in the zip file ive added instructions to origional post
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    Download Smarters Multidns Panel

    It works with any php version of smarters apk single or multi dns
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    Download Smarters Multidns Panel

    Text file in the zip for the apk setup
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    Download Smarters Multidns Panel

    smarters panel only no apk upload to your host ie hostinger login admin admin instructions in the files to code your apk multi dns and working notifications all credits for this panel to @FireTvGuru *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum...
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    Sorch Tool on any folder catagory on txt ...

    So same as say pspad search and replace / select directory?
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    Sorch Tool on any folder catagory on txt ...

    Without any idea what it is no lol add some description as to what it is people are not going to download that from your description it could be anything malware virus ect?